Persephone Crown / Choker


The Persephone gold crown can be worn as a necklace, wrapped as an armband, or as a headpiece making it pretty much the perfect multi-purpose music festival / Game of Thrones viewing binge accessory.

Kidnapped and made the Queen of the Underworld, Persephone is the perfect example of the light and darkness in every goddess.  

  • handcrafted in the US so every crown is one of a kind 
  • approx. 10in x 8in 
  • each crown will vary slightly from pictures

Each crown is slightly different and unique.  Your crown will vary slightly from the crowns shown.  We use various different metals to construct crowns based on their strength and malleability and use recycled materials as much as possible.


Clutch is handmade jewelry for the Journey

copyright Clutch Jewelry 2017

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