Tasman leather wrap bracelet

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The Tasman wrap bracelet will be the favorite accessory for him or her to dress up or down.  He is always a conversation starter.  Available on a cool sturdy black rhodium chain or in a rainbow of colors.  Email Renee for a custom length or color combo at clutchjewelry@gmail.com. 

Most tikis are masks, giving the wearer anonymity and freedom from consequences.  Tasman is a two-faced tiki man.  One of his faces is a snarling beast.  The other, wincing in pain and fear, reminding us that the two emotions are closely linked, and rarely beneficial to our wellbeing.   

The Tasman tiki isn't a mask.  He doesn't hide the identity of the wearer.  He's a tiki man.  His purpose is not to obscure the truth, but to expose it.  

"Tasman is jewelry with meaning.  I wear him to remind me how strong I am, and that neither fear nor anger can rule me."

- Jade Ramirez, AZ 

Tasman is over an inch tall or 2.75cm, and almost a 1/4in wide or about 6mm. 
Size is customizable.  You can tie a simple knot in your wrap to adjust its fit.  The leather will become even softer and looser as you play in it.  Just like your favorite pair of jeans, be careful the first few times you get the leather wet, as colors may transfer to clothing. 

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Handmade in the U.S.
copyright Clutch Jewelry 2017

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