Horus Leather Wrap Bracelet

Clutch Jewelry


The rugged Horus leather wrap bracelet is perfect for layering or makes a statement on its own. Roll up your sleeves to show off this masculine accessory inspired by the Egyptian god of the sky, sun, and moon.

- perfect for layering

- locally sourced hand dyed leather

- handmade in the U.S. <3

Egyptians says that the Horus Charm will bring you protection and royal power. The god transcends ancient Egypt and lives on through greek mythology and you. The Leather wrap is completely adjustable and gets softer with the more wear and tear.

The more you love your bracelet the comfier it will become. Knot your bracelet and adjust the fit to your liking. 

Just like your favorite pair of jeans, be careful the first few times you get the leather wet, as color may transfer.   


We make jewelry for the journey.  Custom orders available.  Send inquiries to clutchjewelry@gmail.com.

Handmade in the U.S.
copyright Clutch Jewelry 2013

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