Astraea | Crown | Necklace

Clutch Jewelry


Your concert outfit just hit a new level; it's a crown, its a necklace, it's Astraea. She is a warrior's chest piece and an angel's halo, because we are warriors for love, hope, and joy.

Astraea is more than a necklace and a statement necklace. Combined. Times ten. Squared. No need to pile on accessories.

Each Clutch Crown and handwoven accessory is slightly different and unique.  Your crown will vary slightly from the crowns shown.  We use reclaimed metal whenever possible to construct crowns maximizing their strength and malleability.  Crowns were designed to be fully adjustable to fit you.  If you have a size concern, let us know in the comments section of your order or email  Read more about Clutch Crowns on the runway and in the garage on our Metal that Moves Jewelry Blog. 

  • handcrafted in the US
  • approx. 8in x 13in 

Clutch is handmade jewelry for the Journey 

copyright 2017

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