Tulate leather wrap bracelet

Clutch Jewelry


Tulate is our leather wrap bracelet that's a surf style combo of the classic hawaiian fish hook and our exclusive Clutch cresting wave design.  Tulate is named after a black sand beach in Guatemala an is a favorite of surf, swim, and fish enthusiasts.
  • approx. 5/8in or 15mm wide, almost 1in or 2.54cm long
  • Handmade in the U.S.

Size is customizable.  You can tie a simple knot in your wrap to adjust its fit.  See how on our Clutch Jewelry Vlog on Youtube.  The leather will become even softer and looser as you wear it.  Just like your favorite pair of jeans, be careful the first few times you get the leather wet, as colors may transfer to clothing.  

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