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  1. Ring Sizing Guide

    Ring sizing isn't as hard as you think! Our handmade rings are all designed with comfort and organic shapes in mind, so each ring is different.  We hope you use the ring sizing guide tools below to help you find the perfect fit.    

  2. Free Clutch Jewelry Gift with Purchase!

    Only while supplies last! Get a special gift with purchase Clutch Pack that includes a custom, reusable ring sizer, stickers, and a leather wrap bracelet or one of our best selling chain necklaces!  Get yours today automatically with any purchase of $60 or more! Shop now supplies are limited! 

  3. Coro Ring

    Coro Ring

    From $180.00

    The Coro wave ring is our summer style surf inspired ring that you can't get anywhere else.  The Coro ring makes the big impact of a cocktail ring, but it's smooth sleek lines make it comfortable and understated enough to wear everyday.   We also love it worn on a long or short Clutch Classic Chain...

  4. Ouroboros Ring

    Ouroboros Ring


    Ouroboros is our handmade snake ring who's chasing his tail and causing all this end of the world talk.  Our twisty/turny homage to the mythological creature is one of our most low profile and comfortable rings.   It's hand sized to fit you so slight variations in the pattern will occur.   copyright Clutch Jewelry...

  5. Quetzalcoatl ring

    Quetzalcoatl ring


    Quetzalcoatl is our rugged and organic best selling handmade ring in 925 silver.  It can be worn alone as a statement ring or stacked to make an even bigger impact. It's fancy enough for evening wear, and tough enough for everyday wear.  Not sure of your ring size? Check out our ring sizing guide. 925...

  6. Punza ring

    Punza ring


    Punza is our handcrafted ready to strike snake ring available in 925 silver and 18k gold plate. Punzar is a Spanish verb that means 'to bite'.  And that's exactly what our twist snake ring Punza is tempting you to do.  Punza is a hand carved snake ring.  His textured scales wrap around your finger and...

  7. Jaco ring

    Jaco ring


    The first person to ever wear this 925 silver wave ring said, "I could just surf this barrel all day long."   Jaco sits about 1/8in off the finger and the barrel of the wave is about 1/8in thick.  For more help shopping for the men in your life, we hope this shopping guide for...

  8. Izapa Silver Wave Ring

    Izapa Silver Wave Ring


    Izapa is a Mayan and Olmec archaeological site in southern Mexico, and is home to much controversy. From the ball court at the heart of the 2012 end of the Mayan calendar to the many religious interpretations of Stele 5, a stone carving depicting the common image of the tree of life in a very...

  9. Tula Ring

    Tula Ring


    The Tula wave ring is our girly flowery surf style ring named after the ancient capital of the Toltec Tribe who believe incorporating science, art and spirit will form the perfect model for transcendence.   Available in 925 silver (shown) and 18k gold plate.   The jasmine flower is supported by a cresting wave; a...

  10. Semuc Champey ring

    Semuc Champey ring


    In the Mayan language Semuc Champey means "Sacred Water".  We love all the different things fans see in this ring.  From a surf board fin to shark fin to towering wave, this textured ring is surfer jewelry that lets you take the beach with you anywhere. Check out our ring sizing guide to get the...

  11. The Promise Irish Claddagh ring

    The Promise Irish Claddagh ring


    The Promise is Clutch's smooth, sculptural take on a traditional crowned Irish Claddagh ring.  It’s a complete carving from 360 degrees and the inside of the ring looks just as cool as the front.  It's just like a real promise should be; true to life from every angle.  comfort fit band  available here in sterling...

  12. Naga snake ring necklace

    Naga snake ring necklace

    From $220.00

    The Naga snake ring necklace is the perfect conversation starter for him or her.  He's named after a Hindu and Buddhist demigod who can take the form of both snake and human.  He's the protector of wealth, health, and the rivers and the sea.  He's swallowing his tail an ancient symbol that originated in the...

  13. Ouroboros Ring Necklace

    Ouroboros Ring Necklace

    From $160.00

    We designed the Ouroboros Ring Necklace for him or her.  It's an endlessly turning reptile pattern; it's soft vulnerable underbelly twists and turns into its tough exterior scales and back again.  It looks different from every angle.  Ouroboros is named after the image of a snake or dragon biting and swallowing it's own tail.  This...

  14. Valencia ring

    Valencia ring


    The Valencia mens wave ring is a thick, shiny triple barrel wave; a surfer's paradise.  It's smooth, solid, and endlessly crashing into itself.  Valencia is known as the "Bright City" of Spain.  With three breathtaking beaches at the heart of town and infamous cuisine, this sun drenched Mediterranean haven is as historic as it is...

  15. Naga Snake Ring

    Naga Snake Ring


    The Naga Snake Ring is the ultimate guy's guy style accessory.  Put it on one of our black chain necklaces for even more versatility.  He won't want to take it off.  Becuase at the end of the day, it's not about skulls or dragons or even snakes.  It's about something tough that looks lived in...

  16. Coro Wave Ring Necklace

    Coro Wave Ring Necklace

    From $180.00

    Save big on the last 925 silver Coro wave ring necklace.  It's named after a province in the heart of Venezuela that played a pivotal role in colonization of the area as well as the Spanish conquistadors' search for the lost City of Gold. The fact that it's just a hop skip and a jump from Aruba...

  17. Quetzalcoatl necklace

    Quetzalcoatl necklace

    From $200.00

    Quetzalcoatl is our most popular ring necklace and the perfect present for men with style. Wear him with a three piece suit or a t-shirt; Quetz is a cool necklace for guys and the ladies love him too. Ancient jade carvings in the Museo de Jade in Costa Rica inspired the Quetzalcoatl necklace.  He's named after...

  18. Clutch Classic Chain

    Clutch Classic Chain

    From $40.00

    More narrow and understated than our Signature Chain Necklace for him, our classic chain is ideal for layering and no fuss accessorizing.  It's also the easiest gift to give: it's cool, tough, and fits everyone. Put a ring on it to amp up the cool factor, or be a's up to you:) Available in...

  19. Clutch Signature Chain | Dark Matter Edition

    Clutch Signature Chain | Dark Matter Edition

    From $40.00

    Male accessories don't have to be flashy to make a statement. Our Clutch Signature Hefty Chain is dark, strong, and durable, just like him.  But the new Dark Matter Signature chain is black plastic coated for a flat black finish that is our most durable, rough and tumble finish yet.  You will love this chain.  Rock...

  20. El Jefe Tiki Necklace

    El Jefe Tiki Necklace

    From $180.00

    El Jefe tiki is a cool necklace for guys that embody effortless style and that easy surfer cool.  El Jefe is spanish for "The Boss" and he is.  His nose ring spins, his scowl is fierce and his teeth are jagged.   available in bronze or 925 sterling silver approx. 1/4" or 6.4com thick and...