Indra Choker / Bun Crown


The Indra Choker / Bun Crown is inspired by the Hindu Goddess of Thunder, the original live outdoor concert, and will be you favorite festival accessory all season long...wear it peak side up or peak side down for completely different looks.  Indra has a chain and clasp in back to keep her secure.   You can also stick bobby pins into the chain to help secure the piece as a bun crown for a serious night of dancing. 

Each crown and handwoven accessory is slightly different and unique.  Your piece will vary slightly from the one shown.  We use various different metals to construct Clutch Crowns and accessories based on their strength and malleability and use recycled materials as much as possible.  Read more about Clutch Crowns and accessories on the runway and in the garage on our Metal that Moves Jewelry Blog. 

  • handcrafted in the US
  • approx. 10in x 8in 
  • one size fits most

Clutch is Handmade Jewelry for the Journey

copyright 2019


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