Batille Wristlet | Plam Cuff | Accessory


The Batille Wristlet cuff is your go-to arm candy accessory for 2016.  Simply slide your thumb into the slot and pop on this handwoven statement maker for a super comfy fit.  Give it a squeeze and feel the metal flex and shape custom to your wrist.  
Named after the French word for fight, we named the Batille wristlet from our Peaceful Pablo collection before the 2015 tragedy in Paris. It's name is not to symbolize war, but the internal battle we all struggle with to find joy and peace in such a chaotic world.   
  • handcrafted in the US
  • approx. 11in long
  • one size fits most
  • made to fit the right hand 

Each Clutch Crown is slightly different and unique.  Your crown will vary slightly from the crowns shown.  We use various different metals to construct crowns based on their strength and malleability and use recycled materials as much as possible.  Read more about Clutch Crowns on the runway and in the garage on our Metal that Moves Jewelry Blog. 

Clutch is handmade jewelry for the Journey

copyright 2016

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