Joan Crown / Belt


The Joan headpiece moonlights as an adjustable belt with removable chain clasp. Either way you'll feel like a warrior princess..and maybe a saint (but probably not).  Read more about the woman who inspired this piece, a brave and misunderstood woman, Joan of Arc.  More on her story below!

Wear it classically with the tip pointing north, or flip the crown over for a widow's peak and a whole new look. 

Each crown is slightly different and unique.  Your crown will vary slightly from the crowns shown.  We use various different metals to construct crowns based on their strength and malleability and use recycled materials as much as possible.  Clutch Crowns are versatile accessories handwoven in the U.S. Read more about Clutch Crowns on the Clutch Jewelry Blog

  • handcrafted in the US
  • approx. 8in x 8in x 2.5in 

Clutch is handmade jewelry for the Journey 
copyright 2016

"On the morning of May 30, at the age of 19, Joan of Arc was taken to the old market place of Rouen and burned at the stake. Her fame only increased after her death, however, and 20 years later a new trial ordered by Charles VII cleared her name. Long before Pope Benedict XV canonized her in 1920, Joan of Arc had attained mythic stature, inspiring numerous works of art and literature over the centuries and becoming the patron saint of France." -



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